Maximise Business Uptime

Are your servers and networks keeping your operations cumbersome and slow? Without appropriate status monitoring to keep track of your server health, you will inevitably experience frequent server outages month after month. At Anantek, we understand that slow servers mean slow business performance and disappointing performance. That is why we designed a status monitoring service that identifies even the tiniest flaws within your servers and networks, letting you address the root of the problem before it becomes a massive challenge. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we monitor every relevant server metric to give you a complete picture of how you’re doing currently and what future complications may be coming your way.


Stay Ahead of IT Disruptions

With our expert status monitoring services, you will have a firm headstart against any potential server or network errors. We supply you with comprehensive information on how your servers perform and what weaknesses you can eliminate promptly. We have cutting-edge proprietary tools that automatically monitor crucial server metrics and notify any deviations that could cause harm in the future. We also conduct systematic checks to detect any irregular server activities and analyse whether you face server outage risks down the road.


Let Our Experience Guide You

Even with our cutting-edge status monitoring solutions and tools, our biggest asset is the experience we have accrued throughout the years. Our seasoned experts at Anantek have developed a keen understanding of server and network performance. They know which red flags to analyse within your IT systems and what seemingly minuscule deviations might cause harm in the long run. We also provide comprehensive reports on your server performance in frequent intervals to keep you updated on every essential update and development. With our detailed reports, you will have sufficient time to rectify potential issues and receive insights on improving your overall performance and augmenting your servers to become faster. Unlike other IT providers, we keep our reports simple and accessible for non-experts!

Acquire the Speed that Suits Your Business Needs

Forget the frequent disruptions in your business cycle and let your IT infrastructure run like a fine-tuned racecar with our status monitoring services. We ensure that your server performance issues are in the past and your business can run as fast as you envisioned!

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